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Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Rules, Vrat Vidhi Katha, Puja Muhurat 2017

Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Rules, Vrat Vidhi Katha, Puja Muhurat 2016, Hoi Mata Fasting and Puja Procedure

Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Rules 2016

Ahoee/ Hoee/hoi Ahoi Fast is take by moms on the eighth day amid the dull fortnight (Krishna Paksha) of Kartik month in North India. Puja and fasting devoted to Hoi Mata is the primary recognition on the day, which falls before Diwali. The quick starts at dawn and closures with the locating of moon or star. Here is a straightforward regulated manual for how to watch Ahoi Vrat. So all the Mothers those who are going to observe the Ahoi Ashtami Mata Fast are Searching How to do or observe Ahoi Ashtami Vrat? . So all the information Like Ahoi Aathe Fasting Rules, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Katha , Ahoi Mata Aarti is pasted here for you all to look into it.

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Ahoi Ashtami/ Aathe Vrat Vidhi Katha 2016

Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Rules 2016

Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Rules List 2016

The fasting is from morning to locating of moon or stars in the night sky. It is an entire Fast. Be that as it may, numerous aficionados drink water and eat sustenance made utilizing Sabudana or natural products. After doing the Morning Prayer you can do all the Daily Routine Work. Most ladies in the area assemble for the puja toward the evening or a hour or so before nightfall for the Ahoi Puja.  A work of art of Ahoi mata is made on the divider or a photo or icon is set in the Puja room. Water in a pitcher or bowl or container is set on the left of the photo of Ahoi mata. The container or bowl containing water is secured utilizing a red shaded string. Turmeric and kumkum is spread on the string. Locally accessible Grains are set on a plate or plate and are kept before the photo of Ahoi mata. Prasad or nourishment offerings that are made are additionally set before the icon. The Prasad made may incorporate pooris, halwa, desserts, bubbled channa or jowar A few people likewise put the cash planned to be dispersed before the photograph of Ahoi Mata. The cash is given to youngsters or the poor after the puja. There is likewise an essential convention of making laurel utilizing coins or cash notes by a few families. A few people make festoon utilizing something extremely exceptional that is found in the district or something that is imperative to the family. This festoon is passed on for eras. A few people make another festoon every year; others make another laurel if something exceptionally favorable happened in the family amid the year. When all the puja things are prepared, ladies listen to the Ahoi Ashtami Vrat katha from an elderly woman. Those moms doing the puja can likewise either listen to the story on sound or CD or read the story. Once the star or moon is recognized, an aarti is performed before the representation of Ahoi Mata. Ladies appeal to God for two or three minutes or intercede before Ahoi Mata. They appeal to God for the prosperity of their youngsters. The quick is broken by eating some Prasad. The Prasad is likewise imparted to relatives and neighbors.

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Ahoi Ashtami Mata Puja Muhurat 2016

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Muhurat 2016 17:30 to 18:47
Moonrise on Ahoi Ashtami 23:32
Sanjh (साँझ) time for sighting Stars 17:58
Ashtami Tithi Begins 13:10 on 22/Oct/2016
Ashtami Tithi Ends  12:28 on 23/Oct/2016

So It is an important that every body ask it is important to do Ahoi Ashtami in Shubh Samay. The Answer is Yes because Puja Timings is very important to do worship of God. So here in this Paragraph above you can check Civil Twlight on Ahoi Ashtami, Ahoi Aathe Puja Muhurat, Sanjh (साँझ) time for sighting Stars. Hope this Article will help you for in this Ahoi Ashtami 2016. If you like this Article please spread this in a maximum numbers in the social medias. Happy Ahoi Ashtami 2016.

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