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Happy Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes For Twitter in Hindi English {होली 160 Words Messages} 2017

Happy Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes For Twitter 2017

Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes 2017

Holi is known as the celebration of Colors, and the Rango k Tyohhar conquer the boundaries of dialect and pass on genuine emotions. The hues likewise pass on a message. Green: Compassion and understanding and an image of flourishing. Yellow: Optimism. It is likewise viewed as a favorable shading. The shading Yellow is related with Mother Earth. Red: The shade of flame, the wellspring of vitality and security. Blue: Loyalty and trust. Pink: Love and sympathy. We know that all the Indians are desperately waiting for this great Festival of India. On this Special Occasion for all the Twitter Users we here giving some extra Ordinary collection of Holi 140 Character SMS Messages Wishes in Hindi English Tamil Telugu Marathi Gujarati Punjabi 2017.

Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes in English 2017

Red, Green, Yellow & Blue.
The Colors of Holi remind me of you..
“Coz just Like then you are
So vibrant & full of Fun..

Here’s wishing you a Holi
filled with sweet moments
and colorful memories
to cherish forever..
Happy Holi 2017

Holi 140 Character Image SMS Wishes 2017

Holi 140 Character Image SMS Wishes 2017

होली Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes in Hindi English 2017

Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes in Hindi 2017

आ जाओ अगर आज तो मिलकर खेले होली
बड जाये अपना प्यार जो मिलकर खेले होली
बचपन की दोस्ती और होली याद आती है
काश १ बार फिर तुम और में मिलकर खेले होली|


पिचकारी की धार
गुलाल की बौछार
अपनों के प्यार
यही है यारो होली का त्यौहार
होली की शुभकामनाये|

Holi 140 Character SMS IMages 2017

Holi 140 Character SMS IMages 2017

n a few places in Goa, the night prior to the full moon, individuals assemble to light campfires to consume the dried leaves and twigs. The fire implies the annihilation of shrewdness – the consuming of the “Holika” – a legendary character. On the following day, individuals of any age come outside and energetically splash each other with hued water. Splendidly hued powders are connected on appearances, and there is a lot of music, move and desserts. So this is a Great Opportunity for all the Social Media Users because for them here we get the Unexpected SMS Wishes for Holi 140 Character Test SMS Wishes For Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram & Twitter 2017. Youthful and the old spread hues on companions and dear ones. Water inflatables, dry hues, and launderable colors are utilized to splash pretty much anybody in sight on the streets upon the arrival of Holi. The dynamic utilization of hues symbolizes the appearance of a beautiful and prosperous spring season.

Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes in Punjabi 2017

होली दे बहाने ही सही मिलान ते आओगे
पर इक गल याद रखना , थोड़े तुस्सी वि
रेंज जाओगे चलो फिर की होया इस
विच ख़ुशी ही पाओगे ..


होली खेदन ने दिल करे बार बार
इस विच मिलान खुशियां हजार तू
व् हूँ होज तयार तेरे ते व् पायेगा
रंग बेशुमार हैप्पी होली एडवांस
च सरिया ने ..

Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes For Twitter

Holi 140 Character Text SMS Wishes in Marathi 2017

रंगून जाऊ रंगात आता,
अखंड उठु दे मनी तरंग,
तोडून सारे बंध सारे,
असे उधळुया आज हे रंग…
रंग पंचमीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !

Holi 140 Character SMS Quotes Wishes 2017

Holi 140 Character SMS Quotes Wishes 2017

As indicated by Hindu fanciful legends, the celebration is additionally a festival of the demise of Pootna – the evil spirit who about murdered Lord Krishna when he was a little youngster. Pootna connotes winter and haziness. Holi is commended by individuals from all stations and social strata in Goa. The festivals begin in the morning, retreat around evening when individuals become weary of the fun and skip. Commotion and the noise subsides, there is a mollified hush all around, once in a while aggravated by the giggling of the young people. At night, by and by individuals visit the area with families and companions to welcome them with great wishes. We will providing you here the Best Holi 140 Character SMS Wishes For Twitter.

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