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Top 10 Best Happy Baisakhi 2017 Funny SMS Messages Quotes For Facebook WhatsApp

Top 10 Best Happy Baisakhi 2017 Funny SMS Messages Quotes For Facebook WhatsApp

Top 10 Best Happy Baisakhi 2017 Funny SMS

The Baisakhi celebration is a regular celebration. It is praised everywhere throughout the Punjab and Haryana by all classes of individuals. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs all participate in this festival. It falls in he first day of baisakh. It falls each year in the thirteenth of April. On this day individuals put on new garments. They plan Halawa and a few delicious things at home. A Fair is held wherever regarding the Baisakhi celebration. The site of the reasonable is a place which is religiously renowned. By and large the reasonable is held by the side of a waterway. The religious body is responsible for the reasonable. Presently a day we can discover a ton of jokes on WhatsApp and Facebook, the main thing we have to do is sort 2017 Baisakhi/ Vaisakhi Funny Facebook Messages in Punjabi, Hindi & English. 

तुस्सी हसदे यो साणु हसान वास्ते
तुस्सी रोने यो साणु रोवाँ वास्ते
एक वार रूस के ता वेखो सोहन्यो
मर्डर जावेंगे तुहानू मनाएं वास्ते .
बैसाखी डा दिन है खुशियां मनाएं वास्ते .
बैसाखी दिन बधाइयां 
खुशबू तेरी यारी दी साणु महका जांदी है ,
तेरी हर इक कित्ती होई गाल साणु बहका जांदी है ,
साह तान बहुत देर लगांदे ने ऑन – जान विच ,
हर साह टन पहले तेरी याद आ जांदी है .
हैप्पी बैसाखी !!
SMS भेजन डा नहीं सी शोक साणु ,
तेरी याद ने मोबाइल फाड़ा दिता ,
मैसेज लिखदे लिखदे स्पेस मुकि ,
अस्सी ओवरव्रिते अल्लोवीड ला दिता ,
यारा मेरेया मैसेज रिप्लाई कारण ,
अस्सी अपना फ़र्ज़ निभा दिता !!
Happy Baisakhi
Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes ForWhatsapp

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes For Whatsapp

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes For Facebook

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes For Facebook

Happy Baisakhi 2017 Funny SMS Messages For Whatsapp FB

A day prior to the reasonable there observed a standard bazaar. There are slows down of sweet, toys organic products on either side of it. On Baisakhi day there is incredible surge in the reasonable. There is no place in the reasonable without guests. In the reasonable the group is great to the point that you can’t meet with it even in the stuffed urban communities. You can’t elbow your way through it easily.On one side of the bazaar carousels draw in the general population. They spin noticeable all around with youngsters and young men of any age sitting them. The young men make the most of their rides. Close them are the rope artists. They do their deeds on the rope. Funny Messages on Baisakhi 2017 For Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Twitter etc. The cash men make their monkeys demonstrate an indistinguishable accomplishments from were appeared by their progenitors around a hundred years back.

नचले गले हमारे साथ
आयी है बैसाखी खुशियों के साथ
मस्ती में झूम और खीर -पूरे खा
और न कर तू दुनिया की परवा .
बैसाखी मुबारक हो !!
May you come up as bright as sun,
as cool as water and as sweet as honey.
Hope this Baisakhi fulfill all your desires and wishes.
Happy Baisakhi!!
What is the height of telling a lie?
A negro telling his girlfriend, “tenu kaala chasma jachda hai, jachda hai gore mukhde te”.
Enjoy the colorful festival of Baisakhi.
Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes Pics

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes Pics

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes Wishes

Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes Wishes

14 April Baisakhi Funny SMS Quotes For Facebook Whatsapp

On the opposite side of the bazaar horde of individuals can be seen remaining on a circle. In the center there is a gathering of villagers. They are for the most part ranchers. They are giving a show of their nation hit the dance floor with the thumping of drum. Every one of these villagers has a stick in his grasp. These sticks are brought up noticeable all around as the artists lift both hands and raise their legs. They cry,. Gone is Baisakhi, Gone in Baisakhi. We are here Providing Funny SMS Quotes For Facebook Whatsapp on Baisakhi 2017

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